07 March 2006

Provision of support to Category ‘A’ spaces

Category 'A' spaces are the responsibility of ICT Services and Facilities and Services.

The Division ceded teaching spaces (Category 'A') to central control with the understanding that facilities in those spaces would be maintained at an appropriate professional level. The Division does have some specialist needs, for example flexible replay facilities for playing back videocassetes and DVDs during lectures. These facilities have been provided by the Division in Category 'A' spaces in Building 9 where no suitable facilities have been provided by ICT Services, but if the Division has handed over the responsibility to ICT Services, then should not ICT Services be equipping the rooms appropriately? ICT Services responses generally include that they don’t have the resources, that if they do it for one room they need to do it for all, and that these are specialist requirements for the Division and so we should look after their provision and maintenance ourselves.

In the case of a current request for videocassette and DVD replay in one room, I have proposed the TSU liaise with ICT Services for the secure installation (at our cost) of a suitable replay unit in the room in question.