21 March 2006

ASU iChat links

Providing services in an environment full of malicious code becomes harder and harder.

Efforts continue on working around the University’s blocks on network ports that are preventing us from fulfilling our obligations with Aichi Shukutoku University (ASU) in Japan to collaborate using iChatAV. The proposed solution (establishing a server at UC mirroring the server at ASU, and connecting the two servers together through a proxy) has only about a 40% chance of working, so we are looking at other contingencies if as expected it doesn’t work.

Other solutions to be explored if necessary include:

  1. Booking space at the Australian National University to hold the classes there.
  2. Reconfigure the network segment used by the class to bypass ICT Services and connect to the Internet directly (this works off-campus, but it may be difficult or impossible to reconfigure the network to let it work here on campus).
  3. Isolate the part of the network used for the connections and reconfigure the Access Control List for that isolated area to allow the connections.

The classes requiring the facility are scheduled for Tuesdays from 1:30-3:30pm on 2, 9, 16, and 23 May, so we still have a few weeks to find a working solution.