21 March 2006


More transition arrangements need to be made to complete the handover of responsibilities with the transfer of the ASP and ELICOS to other Divisions.

The Division is still providing support to ASP and ELICOS, despite the units being moved to the Division of Learning and Teaching, and Marketing and International respectively on 1 January 2006.

While ICT Services is supplying some services to the units (for example ICT Services has undertaken to host the ESOLCOMMS database used by the IELTS testing people), the TSU is still being called upon to replace stolen computers, manage email accounts, mailing lists, home directories and networks shares, and provide support for new equipment bought by the units without any say from us (an example of this is the ELICOS unit purchased a multifunction device that is not the same brand as the ones we are familiar with, and now we are being required to look after any problems that arise).