07 March 2006

Conference support

Providing technical support for conferences is not a standard service offered by the Technical Services Unit.

For the information of the Division, the Technical Services Unit does not offer technical support for conferences, especially those held outside the Division, as a "core" service.

Venues outside the Division are usually serviced by arrangements through the venue managers and offered on a fee for services required basis. TSU is uncomfortable about being asked to circumvent these arrangements.

TSU staff may be available on at least a cost-recovery basis should their other work commitments allow, and they agree to participate. Should TSU agree to provide any support, a written agreement will be developed showing in detail what the TSU is to provide, and the responsibilities of the conference organisers. It will not co-ordinate any arrangements directly with conference delegates, but will only deal with one liaison person nominated by the conference organisers regarding any particular requirements. TSU will set up and take down equipment and ensure it is operational to an agreed level. It will not operate or provide assistance to delegates in using any equipment unless there is a fault.

Inquiries should be sent in the first instance to the cehelpdesk.