03 May 2005

Storage space for student work

More space required for student work.

With the increased numbers of students in media and journalism units using video editing facilities in the Division, storage space for projects is becoming more of an issue. As local hard disk storage is used up, older projects have to be deleted to make enough space for those that come later, sometimes resulting in the loss of other students’ work in progress.

While there is network storage available for Divisional students, the current network infrastructure is not sufficient in practice to support transferring the large files involved in video editing between the network storage and the local machine: a major upgrade of computers and network infrastructure would be required to support editing video over the network.

Students enrolled in units requiring them to edit video may need to be advised that they need to purchase their own storage devices with sufficient capacity to hold their video files (20GB to 400GB +) to reduce the risk of losing their work.