31 August 2004

Swipe Card Access to Building 5

Out of hours building access restricted.

Swipe card access to a number of labs around the Division and to Building 5 and 20 failed late on Friday night and was unavailable for most of Saturday after a hard disk containing the information about who could access the various doors on the system ran out of disk space. While most access was restored on Sunday, some users who previously had been added to the system manually lost access. The manager of the Honeywell system that controls the doors is working on the issue.

At the same time it appears that the controller for doors within Building 5 has failed, and needs to be replaced before access to labs can be restored. Honeywell is working on the problem and expects to have the system fixed in a couple of days. In the meantime, the ICT in Education labs will be unlocked at 8.30 am and locked at 5.30 pm. Postgraduate students may need to contact Security to access their rooms if the cards don't work.