17 August 2004

Service Pack 2 for Windows XP

If you are asked to restart Windows XP on your PC...

Microsoft is about to release Service Pack 2 for Windows XP: an upgrade to Windows XP said to make Windows XP more secure. Computers in the Division using the Windows XP operating system (we are progressively moving to Windows XP on staff desktops over the next year) should receive the upgrade automatically following the release which is now expected to happen around 24 August 2004.

Sometime after that date a message may appear asking the user to restart their machine: they should do this. If you are using XP, and no message has appeared by 6 September, choose Windows Update from the Start menu, and check for updates. Install any Critical Updates and Service Packs.

Note that Service Pack 2 applies only to Windows XP users: Windows 2000 and Macintosh users are not affected.