04 August 2004

Space Allocation

Increasing demand for space is causing conflicts in the Division.

There appear to be competing demands for the video editing room in Building 9, between the television and audio control rooms. Most recently this space has been used for off-air recording, dubbing, non-linear video editing and DVD production.

The Vice Chancellor has expressed an interest in using the space to accommodate a research project over the next couple of years. Head of School Creative Communication has supported the request.

The off-air recording facility is being moved to the storage room behind the Journalism lab; non-linear video editing and DVD production to staff offices (although audio is proving to be a problem when editing in office environments), and a home for dubbing is still to be found (although this can possibly be accommodated in the television control room when this is rebuilt sometime next year, budget permitting).

At some point in the past the space was set up for autocue practice. The room has not been used for this purpose in three years, and a facility that was being developed to accommodate autocue practice in one of the Microteaching room was abandoned (after six months of development work) when we were informed the facility was not required.

The space is not appropriate for casual access, or for use by many people at once. Autocue practice, if required, should be accommodated in the television studio where it is already set up, or in the NewsBoss lab or Journalism lab (additional autocues will need to be procured).

The demonstrated lack of demand for another space for autocue practice does not provide a compelling case for dedicating the space for the purpose, when the room could be used much more effectively in a variety of ways including support for the VC's research project and other teaching and production purposes.