05 August 2003

Email addresses and departing staff

With email becoming such an important service for people, what happens with UC email addresses when a staff member leaves?

TSU has received a number of requests from departing staff to keep their email accounts active, sometimes for a considerable length of time after they leave.

The changeover to the new email system has brought us a step closer to an integrated, campus-wide collaborative environment, particularly in relation to integrating the Division's email system into the University's official system for identifying staff: the Staff Directory.

This is good for us in that it means there is much less duplication of effort required to keep information about staff current. It will be much easier to manage information about which staff belong to each School or unit for discussion or mailing lists for example: this is handled by using the Staff Directory.

One downside is the new system highlights the administrative effort required to manage the inclusion of non-University staff on discussion or mailing lists, or to manage email accounts for people not in the Staff Directory.

Section 4 of the University's Code of Professional Ethics states that:

University information systems, including software and computer equipment, may be used only by staff or students of the University within the established University guidelines, and only with the approval of a duly authorised University officer. [http://www.canberra.edu.au/secretariat/codethic.html accessed 31 August 2003]

While we will continue to provide email services for a reasonable time (around a month) to staff departing, we cannot continue this support indefinitely. Client Services Division is taking over responsibility for hosting discussion and mailing lists that include significant numbers of non-University addresses.