19 August 2003

Collaborative Environments

Progress report on the move to a campus-wide email and collaborative services environment.

The University has decided that there should be one campus-wide email system in place. With our recent move to Exchange, it is unlikely that the Division will have the resources to again change its email environment in the near future.

The Division will be pleased to move to a University-wide system if it went beyond email and included a set of tools that included email, calendars, discussion lists, forums, instant messaging document sharing, management and archiving, and collaborative authoring: a Collaborative Environment. Such environments can also include integrated voice mail, electronic despatch and receipt of faxes, and video (and audio) conferencing over the Web.

A Working Party to select a University-wide Collaborative Environment has now been established and will report to the University Information Management Systems Committee (UIMSC). The Working Party is currently developing a proposal for UIMSC endorsement that is firmly based in the University's Strategic Plan, and includes opportunities for broad consultation throughout the University community. There is a particular emphasis on the needs for consultation throughout the process, including opportunities for training for staff as the new systems are introduced.