13 May 2003

Laptop computer policy

Executive has decided to put a moritorium on the replacement of desktop computers with portables until the University Information Systems Management Committee has considered the issue.

At its meeting on 16 May 2003, the Executive discussed providing staff with portable computers instead of desktops.

After discussing the possible Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) impact of using portable computers, the costs involved, network connection, TSU workload and support, Executive decided to take the whole issue to the University Information Management Systems Committee (UIMSC). The Division would again consider providing portable computers to staff in place of desktops once UIMSC had considered the matter. No more portables would be provided to staff in the mean time.

Executive noted that portable computers are available for short-term loan from the Curriculum Resources Centre (CRC).

Update 29 July 2005: The Division’s new laptop policy has come into effect.