29 May 2003

Creative Canberra seminar

A National Office of the Information Economy initiative to use new communications technologies to support the creative Canberra Community.

On Wednesday 28 May 2003 the Manager, TSU, attended a workshop hosted by NOIE (the National Office of the Information Economy) on Canberra community cooperation and involvement in broadband initiatives. A key focus for the project, coordinated by Karin Geiselhart, is the CreativeCanberra website. Apparently the website was developed as a student project by students from the University of Canberra in conjunction with Grey Interactive.
The project is described on the site as

"an action research experiment to encourage collaboration between the educational and cultural sectors. Another aim is to showcase 'home grown' digital content for Canberra's creative sector. The aim is a learning community and online content that reflects Canberra's vibrant social and cultural environment." (http://creativecanberra.net/ accessed 29 May 2003)

One of the main discussion points at the workshop was the development of a community television initiative through the TransACT network.
There were also opportunities for media, journalism and PR and Marketing students to become involved in community projects, especially through ArtSound FM radio. Representatives of organisations interested in involving students in their activities will contact the relevant UC staff.