28 June 2005

Leasing ICT equipment

The University is discussing leasing arrangements with a number of potential partners.

The Commonwealth Bank, with its partner ComputerFleet, has approached the University with a proposal to consider leasing rather than buying ICT equipment like computers, monitors, printers and even media equipment like digital cameras.

The system could work like the current IT Loan system to the extent that Divisions retain their autonomy to purchase equipment that fits their needs, although the University may also be separately considering centralising some purchasing if it can be shown to drive down the cost.

Under the ComputerFleet proposal, the University would replace equipment like desktop computers every two years, and end up paying less than the University pays for the computer if it buys a replacement every three years. Under the current IT Loan arrangements, the Division only pays 67% of the cost of new equipment (the rest is funded by the University centrally to encourage the Divisions to keen their stock of IT equipment current), so it may cost the Divisions more if they were to absorb the whole cost of leasing.

Benefits of the ComputerFleet proposal include:

  • Replacement of ICT equipment every two years;
  • Asset tracking is handled by the ComputerFleet’a ClientXpress software, management of which can be decentralised to the Divisional level or even finer;
  • Using the ClientXpress software, costs can be applied easily to local cost centres and easily transferred as needs change (like research projects that may be completed, for example);
  • At the end of the lease period ComputerFleet’s partner, APCD, disposes of the assets.