02 September 2003

Who are we?

Development of a policy on naming Divisional network services.

The new main servers in the Division that have replaced the comedu server have names like dcenas, bacillus, spirilium, and comedprn. comedu still works as a web server address (http://comedu.canberra.edu.au/), as does ce, as is http://www.ce.canberra.edu.au/. This lack of consistency, along with some of the more esoteric names like bacillus and spirilium, makes tasks like promoting the services a little more complex than they should be.

The Division has decided to settle on one contraction or acronym that describes the Division (ce), and to make it consistent across the services where it can be done. Using ce will give us cenas, ceprint, cemail, http://www.ce.canberra.edu.au (or http://ce.canberra.edu.au/).