16 September 2003

Student printing

Update on moves to charge undergraduate students a uniform cost for printing and photocopying across campus.

The printer in the ICT in Education student lab has been removed. This printer has been subject to an increasing amount of use over the past year, had been through three toner cartridges in the last month (more than $600 worth of toner), and was in need of repair. In line with the University move to ensure equitable charges for printing for undergraduates across campus, once fixed the printer will be placed in the CRC and connected to the Pharos printer control system.

Students will need to have a credit balance in their printing accounts to be able to print to this printer. Paper and toner will be supplied. Each page will cost them 20c, with 18c going to a Divisional account, the remaining 2c retained by Client Services Division to contribute to the cost of the licence for the Pharos software, and infrastructure costs.

The 18c will go into the CE administration account, from which the paper, toner, installation, maintenance and repair costs would be taken. The cost of replacing the printer would come either from the IT loan account, or from the admin account.