30 September 2003

Loss of equipment on loan

Restatement of the conditions under which students can borrow University equipment.

Recently there have been several examples of equipment loaned out to students going missing or stolen. Over the past few months the Division has lost a digital still camera purchased for ~$600, a tripod (~$300) for video cameras, and most recently a laptop computer (~$3,500) loaned to a post graduate student that was stolen from their car while the car was parked in a car park, off campus.

Under the terms of the loans, we can seek to recover the replacement cost of the equipment from the borrower. While the student who lost the digital still camera agreed to pay back $400, they have since dropped out of their course and we don't expect to recover any more from them. We are seeking to recover the costs of the other items from the students concerned, and will reinforce the message with the students that they are responsible for the equipment loaned to them and will have to pay for its replacements if it is damaged, lost or stolen.