01 April 2003

Network outage 29-31 March 2003

Cause for the recent network outage related to switch problems.

Some staff and students may have noticed that network access to comedu services was unavailable from 4.45pm on Saturday, 29 March 2003 until 8am on Monday, 31 March 2003. This was due to an error in two gigabit Ethernet switches serving the Division’s 91 subnet. The same error appears to be happening a regular three monthly intervals and is being investigated by Client Services Division.

Simply restarting the switches fixes the problem, but Client Services Division was unable to access the sites of the switches: one is under the theatre and the other in the comms cupboard on the middle floor. CSD has been told that they can ask Security to let them in to these rooms out of hours. TSU staff have been shown the switches concerned and are perfectly happy to come in and cycle the power on them to bring the network back up.