18 March 2003

Email spam

Options for dealing with spam are limited.

A number of staff have complained to the Help Desk about the amount and more importantly some of the content of unsolicited email (spam). While it is possible to implement some filtering of emails, spammers are getting more and more sophisticated in designing their emails to circumvent any filters that may be put in place. It is possible that filters may inadvertently delete or redirect valid email messages, and while this remains even a remote possibility the TSU is reluctant to put any server-based filtering in place.

We will however develop some instructions to circulate to the Division explaining how filters may be put in place on individual machines, and will advise staff when installing email client software how to create filters. We will also monitor the resources that are available for blocking spam and report to the Division as new approaches become available.

See also SPAM for information on what to do if you receive an offensive email.