03 March 2003

Update on Divisional website development

An interim website for the School of Languages and International Education was completed before Christmas. The UCOnline Web Designer has now produced templates for SLIE and some reorganisation of the site will be needed before these can be implemented. Some additional content will have to be written to fit the new template.

With the availability of generic templates in mid February, new sites have been created for the School of Teacher Education's Professional Experience Program, and for the School of Professional Communication's Public Relations Internship Program.

UCOnline Web Designer has also created templates for the School of Information Management and Tourism and the TSU is now working with School staff to fill in the site's contents.

Staff templates

The UCOnline Manager has convened a University-wide group to look at the prospects for developing a template for Staff Profiles on School websites. Under the Staff tab for each School, an index to the staff in each School would be dynamically generated from the telephone directory. The index would contain location, email, voice and fax contact for each member of staff, and a link from the Staff member's name would go to a "business card" page for the staff member. On this "business card" screen, there would be the option of a link to a Staff member's personal home page, should they wish to create one. The information used to create the index and “business card” pages would be automatically generated in the approved graphical look from existing staff directories, so the information will not require separate updating.