13 June 2006

Network switches in Building 1

Finally, switch upgrades in Building 1!

The Network Management Team has advised us informally that network switches are to be replaced in Building 1 over the mid-year break. There will be some disruption to network services while the new switches and other networking gear is installed, with breaks of up to two hours possible from time to time. Work is being done in the early morning so while the network may be down when people start work outages are unlikely to extend beyond 9am.

The new switches are more sophisticated than the ones being replaced and should allow better services, faster network access and access to the streaming video services provided out of Building 20.

Specific times and dates of planned outages will be circulated to the Division when the Network Management Team provides us with the information. Unless otherwise advised, staff should NOT assume that network outages are the result of the installations and should call the cehelpdesk if they have any concerns.