13 June 2006

Minor Works

Semester breaks are traditionally the time the Technical Services Unit can focus on longer-term projects, when demands from staff tend to less than during teaching periods.

This year the break between Semesters 1 and 2 is being used to start the project to move Divisional servers to a new, separate server facility. The first stage of the project is minor works in the new server room to prepare it for the servers. Climate control adequate for the equipment to go into the room is being installed, access provided to the Technical Services Unit Helpdesk work area, and network connections provided to join the new facility to the University computer network.

There will be some noise and other activities associated with the work over the break, but no interruptions to services are expected. Once the minor works are completed new equipment replacing end-of-life gear in the old server room will be installed and commissioned in the new server room during Semester 2. Once this equipment is operational the older equipment will be decommissioned. The equipment still in use will be moved to the new room after the end of Semester 2.