29 November 2005


Get frequently given answers to those frequently asked questions.

Student Services, the Library, TEDS and ICT Services have got together to introduce RightNow (http://www.rightnow.com/), a knowledgebase of questions and answers initially being designed to provide current student information to University of Canberra students. RightNow Web from RightNow Technologies is a web-based, off-site solution hosted in the United States. Administrators at the University of Canberra will be able to enter questions and answers, monitor use of the site and receive queries that aren’t answered by the system via email. At least initially the system will be open for anyone on the internet, on- or off-campus, to use.

HR and Marketing are also investigating the system to see whether it has potential to support staff and potential students with answers to their queries.

Right Now is not ITIL compliant and isn’t seen as a candidate for a proposed IT knowledgebase using Computer Associates UniCenter Service Desk Knowledge Tools. It also will not be searchable using Panoptic, the University website search tool, and under current arrangements students will be charged for the internet traffic generated when they make enquiries of the system.