06 July 2004

Progress on the installation of satellite dishes on Building 20

Dishes are finally appearing on Building 20, and there is lots of activity in the “head-end” control room. A lot of the equipment required to receive, decode and retransmit the signals is now installed, with final tuning happening over the next few weeks.

Extensions to the RF network are also in progress, with cabling hooked up in Buildings 1, 5 and 9 (Building 20 was cabled when the building was built). The interconnections among the buildings is installed and final commissioning of the fibre links should be completed this week.

Once the network is in place, aerial outlets throughout the Division will be capable of receiving the 5 terrestrial television services, 14 satellite television services (including services in Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and French: the Italian and French services are for the benefit of the CIT), and 8 radio services (over television frequencies) planned to be available. See the draft list of the services proposed to be provided.

A cable-ready television, VCR and monitor, PVR (Personal Video Recorder) or television tuner card for a computer will be needed to access the services.

Distribution of some of the services live over the computer network is the next step, followed by a system that will allow any of the services to be recorded onto hard disk centrally and streamed on-demand over the computer network. Suppliers are working on these solutions now and we expect to have something operating by the end of this year.