06 July 2004


There is still room for improvement in the Division’s mangement of its IT assets.

A recent audit of the Division's assets revealed that quite a number of computers have been moved around the Division without the appropriate asset movement notification going to the University's asset management unit.

The Technical Services Unit has been conscientious in notifying Assets when computers are moved, but due to pressures of work and other factors not all movements come to its attention.

While the outcome of the recent audit was much better that a similar audit three years ago after the faculties were merged into the Division, there is still room for improvement.

Whenever any University asset is relocated in the Division, the comedu helpdesk must be notified.

Moving Assets off-campus
No University asset is to be removed from the campus unless an Application to Remove University Property off Campus form is completed and properly approved. Approval to remove University assets off campus must be renewed every twelve months if the item is still off campus. Contact the cehelpdesk to arrange for a form before moving an asset off campus.