05 May 2004

What to do about the Sasser worm

The Campus is currently suffering from a large number of Windows PCs being infected with the Sasser worm (Macintosh computers are not affected).

If your Windows PC keeps shutting down try the following:

  1. Windows 2000: Install the Security patch for Windows 2000. [Click the link]


    Windows XP: Install the Securitypatch for Windows XP. [Click the link]

    Allow the computer to reboot after the patch is installed.
  2. Launch the eTrust Antivirus - Local Scanner [Start>Programs>Computer Associates>eTrust>eTrust AntiVirus>eTrust AntiVirus] and run a full scan on all affected computer systems, with the "Infection Treatment File Actions" set to "Cure File" and enable the System Cure feature.

For a more detailed process print the security note from Microsoft (Windows 2000) (Ignore Step 4). [Original at http://www.microsoft.com/security/incident/sasser_print2000.asp]

If you can't get rid of the infection yourself, call the helpdesk to report it.