11 May 2004

Software audit

ICT Service is proposing to audit software installed on all of the University’s computers.

ICT Services is planning how it might audit software installed on all the computers in the University, including the Division. By 28 May 2004 ICT Services wants to have details of all the software the Division has purchased in the last three years, including when it was purchased, the version, the licence conditions for the software, and when and where it was installed and uninstalled. They also want to get details of what software is currently installed on every computer in the Division, including staff desktops, servers, lab computers, portable computers, even computers on long-term loan held off-campus.

While this is necessary to have this information, the tools required to capture, store and manipulate it just don’t exist in the Division or the University as a whole. We await client agents for Macintosh and Windows computers from ICT Services that provide a profile: when they arrive we will have to test them and then distribute them to staff with computers that are not on the University network.

ICT Services plans to audit the computers on the University network by deploying agents via the network itself, run them automatically and return the results directly to ICT Services.