13 April 2004

Satellite Dishes

Expect to see some satellite dishes rising from the roof of Building 20 over the next month or two.

Ritech Communications has begun work on the installation of the satellite dishes on Building 20 and associated infrastructure that will allow the Division to reticulate some free-to-air radio and television services via RF (and insome cases the computer network).

The dishes come in a matte dark charcoal grey finish: since the ACT Planning and Land Authority approval is subject to the dishes being in a colour taken from the palette of the building, it is proposed to leave them as charcoal grey, since this is a colour used in the building’s walls and for metalwork.  Changing the colour of the dishes will cost us around $2,000 and there is no guarantee that any exact match can be made nor maintained over time as the building and the dishes weather.

Executive approval is sought for leaving the dishes in their matte dark charcoal grey finish.