13 April 2004

ICT Services Strategic Planning Session Outcomes

Reorganisation of central ICT services progresses...

On 3 March 2004 the Deputy Head of the Division and the TSU Manager attended a one-day Strategic Planning session organised by PVC Research and Information Management at the Kamberra Centre in Mitchell to begin the process of developing an ICT Services Strategic Plan for the University. SMS Consulting facilitated the day, attended by representatives from across the University but mainly ICT Services people ("Building 10").

Topics covered included:

  • who were ICT Services' clients and stakeholders;
  • their needs and demands;
  • a Mission and Vision for ICT Services;
  • strengths and weaknesses; and
  • strategies.

The Mission and Vision statements for ICT Services the forum came up with were:

To be a forward looking, client focused ICT service provider of high quality, delivering complete and accessible services and solutions in a timely and professional manner.

ICT services enables University of Canberra to achieve its vision and mission by providing professional, innovative and effective ICT services and facilities for the entire UC community.

SMS wrote up a summary of the day, which is available from http://dcenas.canberra.edu.au/public_documents/tsu/ICTS_results_20040303.doc [available to comedu Divisional staff only: ucstaff\sXXXXXX login may be required].