16 March 2004

University approval for satellite dishes on Building 20

Final approval has been given to go ahead with the installation of satellite dishes on Building 20.

After more than three years in development and planning, the Division has been given clearance by the University to erect satellite dishes on Building 20, subject to compliance with ACT Planning and Land Authority (ACTPLA) permit (a Development Application was approved by ACTPLA earlier this year), and assurance that all maintenance access to the air conditioning equipment on Building 20 is unhindered (or if the dishes have to be removed for maintenance the Division will make technical resources available and recognise the need for satellite reception down time).

Our contractor has spent some time with a consultant structural engineer to design a solution that takes account of the needs of the air conditioning engineers for access to their infrastructure.

The ACTPLA approval is subject to the following conditions:

  • the principal colour or colours of the dishes being consistent with the palette of colours used on the exterior of the building; and
  • that highly reflective finishes are not permitted.