08 March 2004

Asset Management

The Technical Services Unit is charged by Executive with the responsibility to manage the University's assets within the Division. TSU is required to follow the University's Asset Policy in its management of the Division's equipment.

Staff should note that anything purchased from a University cost centre, including research and consultancy funds managed by the University, is the property of the University and must be returned to the University should the item no longer be used for the purpose for which it was purchased, or the staff member leaves the University. Any item on the University Asset Register can only be disposed of in the manner prescribed by the University Asset Policy [pdf]. See Disposal of Assets for further information on the Division's procedures for asset disposal.

A recent external audit of another Division within the University identified a number of shortcomings with that Division's management of its University assets, and the report of the auditors made a number of recommendations to improve control over assets within the University, including the following items:

Asset Movement Forms

In order to track where assets are, the TSU is required to report to Corporate Services Division, in writing, any relocation of items in the Asset Register. An Assets Movement Form must be completed and sent to Corporate Services whenever any item on the University Asset Register is moved. Contact the cehelpdesk for further information about reporting asset movement within the Division.

Assets moved Off-campus

No University asset is to be removed from the campus unless an Application to Remove University Property off Campus form is completed and properly approved. Approval to remove University assets off campus must be renewed every twelve months if the item is still off campus. Contact the cehelpdesk to arrange for a form before moving an asset off campus.

Asset retrieval from departing staff

Staff leaving the University are required to complete a Ceasing Employment with the University of Canberra form that among other things includes a declaration that no University property remains in the possession of the departing staff member. University property includes any item purchased from a University cost centre, including research and consultancy funds.