05 January 2004

Media Facilities Users Group (MFUG)

Recommendations are being made to revitalise the Division’s Media Facilities Users Group (MFUG).

MFUG comprises users of the Division’s media facilities, coordinating access to equipment loans and media teaching facilities. It also advises the IT & Infrastructure Committee on issues relating to loan equipment, software requirements, and studio and lab facilities.

Following concerns that the TSU had taken control of MFUG, the TSU withdrew from managing it early last year. MFUG has not met since.

Effective operation of such a group is of benefit to the Division because it provides a forum for users of the media facilities and a conduit to the Executive for issues relating to the Division’s media facilities. Executive has been asked to endorse the continued operation of the group and appoint a Convenor, with responsibility to ensure the group:

  1. gives media facilities users effective access to a forum to discuss any issues in relation to the use or operation of the Division’s media facilities;
  2. provides staff with an opportunity to give feedback on services received from Client Services Division (Building 10 labs operation, hardware, software and support;
  3. meets at least three times each year;
  4. schedules access to labs, studios, loan equipment and staff required for demonstrations to ensure the most effective use is made of limited resources; and
  5. provides advice to the Executive through the IT & Infrastructure Committee on the operation of the Division’s media facilities and needs for future improvements.

Membership of the group should be open to all Divisional staff with an interest in the media facilities of the Division, including (but not necessarily limited to) staff who are teaching in areas requiring media equipment and facilities from the Schools of Creative Communication, Professional Communication, Education and Community Studies, and Languages and International Education, plus the head of the CRC, and TSU media staff. MFUG will choose its own Chair, and report to the IT and Infrastructure Committee through the MFUG Convenor.