10 July 2002

Satellite radio and television services

The Division is currently investigating the possibility of installing a satellite reception and distribution system that would allow us to provide staff and students with access to selected free-to-air radio and television services.

There are a number of services potentially available to us through satellites: a list of the available services appears below.

We are now seeking expressions of interest from staff on what radio and television services they would like to see available through the system.

Please list, IN PRIORITY ORDER, any of the services that you would like to see us provide access to through the system for learning, teaching and/or research purposes. Include your priority ranking, the name of the satellite, the name of the service, and the language. A short justification, no longer than a sentence or two at the most, should accompany each service request.

Requests can be emailed to me, by 2 August 2002.

Note when developing your requests that it is more cost-effective for us to take several services from the one satellite rather than one each from a number of satellites, limiting the number of dishes that must be installed to receive all the required services all the time.

At this stage, no subscription, or pay, services are contemplated. Staff requiring access to pay services will need to develop a substantial case for the provision of the service, and it is unlikely that we would be able to afford distribution of any pay services throughout the Division.

Our plan at the moment is to include the local free-to-air television services (ABC, SBS, Prime, WIN and TEN) in the system.

TV and Radio services listed by satellite

NOTE: All TV services are MPEG2 PAL unless annotated otherwise in the "Comments" column.

Thaicom 3

TV ServiceLanguageComments
ATN TV BangalaBengali
MRTV MyanmarBurmese
TVK CambodiaCambodian
Gujari TV GujaratGujarati
Aastha TV Hindi
Korean Central TV (North)KoreanMPEG2 NTSC
Lashkara TV PunjabPunjabi
ETC TV PunjabPunjabi
Thai TV Global NetThai
TRT InternationalTurkish
VTV4 VietnemVietnamese

Insat 2 E

TV ServiceLanguageComments
AsianetMalayalamAnalogue PAL
DD NationalHindiAnalogue PAL
DD NationalHindi
DD MetroHindiAnalogue PAL
DD MetroHindi
Eenadu bouquetTelegu, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Urdu, Gujarati, Oriya

Asiasat 2

TV Service Language Comments
Saudi TV Arabic
Kuwait TV Arabic
Dubai TV Arabic
Dubai TV Business Arabic
Dubai TV Sports Arabic
Guangdong Cantonese
TV5 French
Deutsche Welle German
RAI Italian
Anhui Mandarin Most of the
Fujian Mandarin following Mandarin
Guangxi Mandarin TV services also
Hei Long Jiang Mandarin carry a radio service
Henan TV Mandarin
Hunan Mandarin
Hubei Mandarin
Jiangsu Mandarin
Jilin Mandarin
Liaoning Mandarin
Mongolia Mandarin
Qinghai Mandarin
Shaanxi Mandarin
TVP Portuguese
TVE Spanish

Asiasat 3S

TV Service Language Comments
Macau TV Bengali
Ekushey English
Now English
Bloomberg TV Asia English & Mandarin Analogue NTSC
Star Sports Hindi
SABe Hindi Analogue PAL
Sahara Korean
Arrirang TV World 1 Mandarin Analogue PAL
Asia Plus TV Mandarin Analogue PAL
CETV Mandarin Analogue NTSC
Phoenix TV Mandarin
Channel V Mandarin
Sun TV Mandarin
CCTV 4 Mandarin
CCTV 9 Urdu
Indus Urdu Analogue PAL
PTV World Urdu Analogue PAL
PTV 2 Urdu

Palapa C2

TV Service Language Comments
Myawardy Burmese
Channel News Asia English
TV5 French Analogue PAL
RFI Radio French Radio Analogue
Bali TV Indonesian
RCTI Indonesian
TVRI Indonesian Analogue PAL
MTV Indonesia Indonesian Analogue PAL
Metro Indonesian
Swara Indonesian
Metro Indonesian
Anteve Indonesian
News Radio 68H Jakarta Indonesian Radio MPEG
RRI Pro 2 Radio Indonesian Radio MPEG
TV Brunei Malay


TV Service Language Comments
ABC services & feeds English
Imparja English
Commercial feeds English


TV Service Language Comments
Austar/Foxtel group English Pay Services
Optus Aurora English
Globecast bouquet English, Mandarin, Hindi, Turkish

Panamsat 8

TV Service Language Comments
TARBS bouquet Mandarin Arabic Chinese Filipino Greek Iranian Italian Korean Macedonian Polish Portuguese Russian Serbian Spanish Turkish Pay services
ABC Asia Pacific English
CNBC English
EWTN (USA Catholic) English MPEG NTSC
NHK Japanese
NHK World Premium Japanese Pay service
CCTV 4 Mandarin
CCTV 9 Mandarin
Power Mandarin
Hai Hua Mandarin

Panamsat 2

TV Service Language Comments

Era News

BBC World English MPEG2 NTSC
ABC Asia Pacific English
Fox News English
RAI Italian
YTN Korean
TVBS Taiwan (3 channels) more

Intelsat 701

TV Service Language Comments
French Caledonie * French & English Pay service
French LBF ** French Pay Service

* Cine Cinemas, S, latest movies TCM, E/F, Movies 20- to 80s RTL9, S, Series etc Disney Channel, S, Kids Eurosport, Sports live Cartoon Network, in french MCM, RFM TV Music 80s to todate Planete, similar to DISCOVERY, Euronews, E/F, Tele Nouvelle Caledonie, RFO1 local programming Tempo RFO2 from Paris RFO SAT, Programs of RFO Stations Worldwide XXLS Sex Channel, 2 Movies a night from 11 PM Sydney time CANAL Caledonie, local UHF channel, direct from France 1 Radio Channel Europe 1 Some channels may be time sharing, total transponder space is 13 channels
**LBF is a lower cost subset of the Caledonie TV services