12 December 2006

Monthly Statistics

Each month for the past four years basic statistics reflecting a crude measure of the activity of the helpdesk have been collected.

Monthly activity for the Technical Services Unit is reflected in the latest statistics to the end of November, 2006. Typically demand for support decreases towards the end of the year, and this pattern is reflected in this month’s statistics.

What is of concern is the increased number of jobs outstanding. Normally we would expect these to be declining around this time of the year, but not this year. It has been a particularly busy semester for the TSU with record numbers of emails to cehelpdesk indicating increased demand over previous years.

Our capacity to deal with the requests coming in is finite so with more jobs to do it takes longer to get through the queue to resolve them. Should this pattern continue in 2007 we might need to employ additional casual staff in the helpdesk team to meet acceptable response times.