31 October 2006

Videoconferencing for the Division

H.323 Videoconferencing facilities for the Division?

Recently the Executive discussed access to H.323 videoconferencing for the Division. On investigation, a basic point-to-point system could be acquired for around $17,000.

The cost includes:

  • option to allow sharing of data (presentations)
  • ISDN
  • 1 year maintenance (NBD [Next Business Bay] swap out on failure)
  • Installation and training
  • Point to point only

Total cost of system like that installed in the Division of BLIS could be up to $65,000 when installation, commissioning, network installations and operator and participant training is taken into account. Such a system could include additional features like multiple cameras, video projector, additional monitors, interactive whiteboard, multiple participants, recording capability, computer, and additional audio enhancements.

As an alternative to buying a system of our own, or organising access and support to use the BLIS facility, the current cost of renting an existing facility commercially off-site is around $250 per hour, plus a booking fee of $75. Staff wishing to organise booking such a facility should contact the Division’s Helpdesk in the first instance.