02 May 2006

Print and Photocopy charges

Multifunction devices continue to take over from traditional printers and photocopiers.

The Library has upgraded its old photocopiers with multifunction devices, and is introducing a system that will allow students to print directly to the devices as well as use them for photocopying. The cost per impression is the same whether a student prints or photocopies, so the Library is reconsidering the current disparate pricing for student printing (15 cents per impression) and photocopying (10 cents per impression).

An analysis of the costs for the Division shows that, from the figures available, a cost of 10 cents per impression for printing or photocopying on the Division’s MFDs would return sufficient funds to pay for the rental of the devices, the paper and the click-charge (covering toner, maintenance and parts for the devices over their expected 5-year life). Where student print to printers, further analysis of the numbers shows that at 10 cents per copy the Division will still cover its costs, but with only a slight margin.

In 2003, VCAC agreed to “introduce the ‘user pays’ principle for all student printing to make the costs of student printing equitable across the University by Semester 2, 2003 or as soon as logistically possible” (Resolution No. VCAC 2003/07/07 [part]). As such we will need to charge the same as the Library is charging students.

I propose that the Division supports a common charge of 10 cents per impression for printing and for photocopying to printers and multifunction devices in the Division, matching the Library’s proposed charges.