18 April 2006

Relocation of the Division’s server room

The Division's server rack is moving to its own room.

Following a successful bid for Minor Works support, the Division’s server will be moved over the period between the mid-year break and the end of the year.

This year’s IT Infrastructure Fund loan provides for the replacement of some of the Division’s IT infrastructure that has or will become end-of-life by September 2006. New equipment to replace the Division’s Network Attached Storage device, tape backup system, Uninterruptible Power Supply, and print server will be installed in the new server room and commissioned before the old gear is taken out of service.

Relocation of other equipment will be scheduled to provide least disruption to end-users and may not be completed until mid-November, after the end of the academic year.

Divisional staff and students who may be affected will be consulted to ensure the changeover is smooth.

If everything goes to plan end-users should not notice any difference in their work environment, but behind the scenes there will be greater capacity and more reliable services. The new server room provides technical staff with much easier access to the server equipment where required and will make it easier and more efficient for them to look after the gear. It also moves the equipment out of their day-to-day workspace so they will enjoy quieter and more comfortable working conditions.