21 February 2006

email outage

University IT support is NOT 24/7

The Divisional email system (‘isaac’, also known as ‘cemail’) was unavailable between 31 December 2005 and 2 January 2006, it appears due to the lock-up of network switches in Building 9. A member of the Division’s staff contacted me at home by phone (twice) to request that the system be repaired.

Heads of Schools and Centres are asked to remind their staff that members of the TSU are not to be contacted directly on their mobiles or at home to request support at any time, especially out of business hours. When email is unavailable requests for support can be lodged by calling the cehelpdesk and a voicemail message left if there is no-one there to take the call, otherwise emails to the cehelpdesk will be dealt with at the next available opportunity during business hours.

There are provisions for University staff to be available on standby out of hours in the Enterprise Agreement: should the Division or the University want technical staff to be on call then the appropriate arrangements should be negotiated under the terms of the Agreement.