18 October 2005

Lab pressures

More units are wanting access to Divisional labs.

The replacement languages lab in Building 9 seems to be in great demand, so much so that there are requests for classes to be scheduled in the ILTC because of scheduling difficulties with the new lab. While the configuration of the computers in the ILTC is the same as those in the new languages lab, the ILTC space was intended to be available for informal use and occasional presentations and meetings.

Increasing pressures on labs is also anticipated if the ICT in Education unit returns to being a first year unit (it was to be moved to third year). With increasing numbers in the unit, and more students in first year rather than third, greater demand is expected on the ICT in education labs. Journalism has also indicated that there will be greater demand for resources over the coming years, and Advertising is seeking access to specialist Divisional labs where previously they used Building 10.

Demand for the Division’s specialist labs is growing: if the current growth in demand continues the Division will need to consider opening up to three new additional labs in 2007. Space, infrastructure, fitout, audiovisual facilities, furniture, hardware and software will be required if new labs are to be available.