23 August 2005

More streaming media

Work on live and on-demand video streaming being done in the Division may be useful more widely.

Last week the contractor working on streaming media in the Division met with representatives from the ANU and AARNet to discuss live and on-demand streaming media. AARNet is a part of the ResearchChannel initiative, a University of Washington project that provides educational and research television programming to a wide section of the US community via nationwide satellite, cable and internet networks. The internet service is available internationally. AARNet aims to provide a similar service in Australia by enabling Australian science and education institutions to create, archive and transmit their own television material. The result being one (or more) full-time TV channels focused on promoting Australian research and education, particularly to the Asian markets.

It looks like the work being done here will be extremely useful to the ANU and to AARNet to make an Australia ResearchChannel viable.