22 February 2005


Spam (unsolicited email) continues to be a problem for the Division (and the University, and indeed the entire online world), particularly the unsavoury varieties that seems to be on the increase.

To combat some of the recent increase in spam, personal comedu accounts are due to be closed by the end of this month, so the majority of the spam currently coming in should be curtailed. However there has been an increase in the amount of spam getting through the University’s existing filtering system.

ICT Services is adding some additional filtering to the email system to at least in the first instance identify those emails that are still getting through. As ICT Services tunes the system, email may begin to arrive in users’ in boxes with **POTENTIAL SPAM** added to the original subject in the subject line.

Users can set up rules on their email clients to divert messages with **POTENTIAL SPAM** in the subject line to a separate folder or directory, and examine these emails to see if indeed they are spam. If the messages marked as **POTENTIAL SPAM** are indeed legitimate emails (called “false positives” in the jargon), staff should advise the Building 10 Helpdesk that the system has marked a legitimate email incorrectly as spam so that they can further fine-tune the process.