22 June 2004

comedu email addresses

The legacy personal comedu email addresses will be phased out in February 2005.

As a way of further reducing spam to staff in the Division, and to prepare for the inevitable move to a University-wide email system, staff with personal comedu email addresses should cease using them immediately or as soon as possible. Staff with comedu email addresses (those who have been with the Division for more than a year) should contact the University Switchboard supervisor by email requesting that any reference to a comedu email address in the staff directory entry managed by the switchboard should be removed.

Once the Switchboard Supervisor has confirmed that there is no comedu email address in a staff member's entry in the staff directory, the staff member should contact the TSU helpdesk to request the comedu account is removed.

Note that for all staff the generic University of Canberra email address should work now, regardless of the existence or otherwise of a comedu address.

A few things to consider:

  • Any business cards or marketing material with personal comedu email addresses should be redone with the required form of the email address.
  • Any web pages with a personal comedu email address listed as a contact address must be changed to the generic form (web pages should have a "Content Custodian" or similar link at the bottom of the page: contact the content custodian to have a personal comedu address changed).
  • If you are subscribed to mailing lists using a personal comedu address, unsubscribe and resubscribe with your generic address.

Personal comedu email addresses will be turned off in February 2005. Generic addresses, group addresses and email lists using the comedu email form will remain for the time being until ICT Services takes over the responsibility for these types of email addresses.