20 February 2004

Current Activities for February 2004

Staff are asked to be patient during our busiest time of the year.

Always at this time of the year the Technical Services Unit is under a great deal of pressure preparing for the new teaching year.

In addition to the normal run of helpdesk requests, some current activities are:

  • Two labs are being upgraded (funding for which was only recently made available):
    • the ICT in Education student lab, and
    • the New Media Lab.
  • New software images for both PCs and Macintosh computers have been or are being installed in teaching labs across the Division.
  • New and replacement staff need to be set up with hardware, software and access to network services like email and file storage.
  • New arrangements for sessional staff and other non-fulltime appointments need to be made in Building 5.
  • Network storage and services for students in Media, Journalism and other specialist subjects must be configured and commissioned.
  • The Division's Websites need to be updated and in some cases created in the UCOnline prescribed style.
  • Network updates to support NILL need to be managed.
  • Older desktop computers for staff (in particular AUVA PCs with bad service records and older Macintosh computers) are being progressively replaced with newer equipment. The AUVA computers are a particular concern since their power supplies are failing and we can't get replacements.

In all the TSU is vastly overstretched at the moment, so there will be inevitable delays in responding to requests. Staff are asked to be patient, and to submit requests via email wherever possible. It would also help if staff followed the procedures for submitting requests for resources: detailed on the TSU website.