14 October 2003

IT Loan 2004 Bids

The IT and Infrastructure Committee has reviewed requests for expenditure from the Division’s 2004 IT Loan Account, and has made recommendations to the Executive on priorities for expenditure.

The Divisional IT & Infrastructure Committee gave its initial assessment of bids received from the Division for expenditure from an IT Loan account for 2004. A updated list with ratings will be distributed at the Executive meeting on Friday.

Major features of the bids so far recommended by the IT & Infrastructure Committee include:

  • Upgrade to the ICT in Education student lab to replace failing PCs, and to the teaching lab to allow presentations to be streamed over the Internet;
  • Upgrade to the New Media Lab to bring it more into line with current technologies;
  • Server Upgrades for the Division to ensure higher reliability of the Division's network services;
  • Some production equipment upgrades to ensure compliance with OH&S requirements;
  • Additional data projectors in some of the Division's teaching spaces; and
  • A new photocopier to replace the OcĂ© in Building 1.

IT & Infrastructure Committee will finalise a recommendation to the Executive at the Committee’s next meeting in early November.