08 July 2003

Email Migration

Update on the status of the Division’s move to Microsoft Exchange for email, discussion lists and announcements.

Staff email migration to the Exchange server, known as spirilium, is now complete. Discussion lists, group and announcement email addresses are now being assessed and migrated. This will be completed by the end of July.

There have been some issues with the migration, primarily to do with managing change. With the new Exchange environment come opportunities for collaborative services beyond email (group calendaring and collaborative work on documents, for example), but not with old email clients like Eudora, Outlook Express or Netscape email. TSU is encouraging clients to use Microsoft Outlook (not Outlook Express) so that they may take greater advantage of the new environment, and make the maintenance load on the help desk a little less.

There have also been some issues with migrating existing email to the new system. Help desk staff are working with users to solve these issues as they come up.

The mail server on comedu will be turned off once all these services are transferred. Existing comedu addresses will be redirected to new accounts on the Exchange server.

Staff will be advised when the server is about to be turned off, and asked to report to the help desk any issues they find once the server is no longer operating.