17 December 2002

Disposal of Assets

The University rules for Disposal of assets apply to all University property including, for example, computers bought through research or consultancy funds. Even if the computers are quite old they need to go through the formal asset disposal process. Here is a summary of the policy.

Disposal of University Assets

The University's Assets Policy [link updated] includes procedures for the disposal of University equipment.

The Division must follow the procedures in this policy whenever disposing of equipment, including equipment purchased from research funds and other University accounts.

Equipment purchased from any Divisional cost centre, including research funds, remains the property of the University and must be returned to the Division:

  • if the equipment is to be replaced or upgraded;
  • if the equipment is no longer useful; or
  • if the project for which the equipment was purchased comes to an end.

The Division will then organise to reallocate the equipment, or organise its disposal appropriately. If you are purchasing replacement equipment, ask the supplier whether you can trade in the existing equipment to reduce the price of the new purchase. Check with the Deputy Director that this is acceptable.

Any income from the disposal of assets will go into general Divisional revenue, not back to the cost centre from which the equipment was originally bought.

If you have any equipment that is no longer being used, contact the comedu helpdeskand the helpdesk will arrange for the equipment to be removed.

[2/3/2004] See also the University's Administrative Procedural Guidelines for Externally Funded Research [link updated] for further details on the University's policy on the ownership of assets purchased from alternate funding sources (particularly sections 1.4 and 3.1).

[8/3/2004] See Asset management for further details on managing University property in the Division.